First walk of the year

There's a culture of walking in the UK. Not just around town or getting from point A to B but to get out and enjoy the country side.

I've been getting into the culture a bit. The magazines, the apps, the community. I didn't do much last year outside of London but this year I'm looking to change. So I'm going to try committing to walking 1000 miles this year.

For my first walk this year I walked from Barking to North Woolwich.

The first part of still very urban and not much interesting. About half way it starts to get a little more interesting.

Small water inlet with apartment buildings on both sides

There are a couple of A roads that have heavy traffic but there are bridges.

Looking across footbridge over A road

After a while it gets to a little more secluded

Wooded path leading under a bridge with another path that branches off to the right Wooded path leading off into the distance with lamp posts lining the right edge

It gets really interesting later when getting to the Docklands and around City Airport.

Aeroplane waiting on the runway to take off with a body of water in the foreground Docklands water in the foreground with London City Airport on the left and the buildings of Canary Warf in the distance Looking straight down the runway at London City Airport with Canary Warf in the distance

Then finally ending up on the Thames.

Some tug boats parked in  the middle of the Thames river with apartment buildings on the far shore The North Woolwich ferry

4.73 miles down.