Weekly update

So it seems like weekly updates have been working with my current pace of life. I can sit on the couch on Sunday afternoon watching a replay of Match of the Day from the previous day (today's is highlights from the 4th round of the FA Cup).

I have a habit of cruising the UK charity shop's eBay stores. I've gotten all kinds of things from there. Coats, shoes, tools, and every so often some vintage electronics.

I like to collect vintage computers and accessories and keep an eye out for some possible collectors items for a good price (and since it's a charity shop the money goes to a good cause). Well, this week I just happened to get one. I scored one of the original iSight cameras

Original isight box, well worn, sitting on a table

iSight box open with components visible

Yesterday, with the help of my youngest, we finished the built in desk in my office.

wide shot of my office with my daughter sitting at the desk typing on a Performa 5400/180

With that installed I was able to move my work items over to the new desk and finally set up my Performa 5400/180 and some of my music gear.

Next stop is to get a new computer I can use for all kinds of creative endeavours.