I've never been much of a gamer. I don't have the hand eye coordination to be any good at video games. I did get into World of Warcraft for a while when I was playing with friends from work. That was really fun. The grinding aspect and the open world exploring, along with the teamwork aspect was what I really enjoyed.

I don't remember how I got into Minecraft, but somehow I did and I got my kids involved as well. We started our own self-hosted server that I've got set up on one of my computers. From there we all log in and can play together in our own world that we control.

After a while we kind of let that server go. It's saved on a hard drive somewhere in my house. I'm not sure where.

We had stopped playing a while ago. I'm not sure why. life got busy and the kids found other interests. So Minecraft kind of faded into the background. We continued to play intermittently on iOS but it just isn't the same.

Well, recently I got the bug to start playing again. We started watching some of our favourite Minecraft YouTubers (Mumbo Jumbo and GeminiTay) and I went ahead and set up our own server.

After a few days here we are...

screenshot of minecraft world

The screenshot was taken from the mcview app which let's you see the entirety of your Minecraft world.

So as we start to grow and explore this world I'll post updates.